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Know your SAR from your SEZ and find out what you should do in the event of a mutant panda attack.

This travelogue mainly deals with a month-long journey I made from Macao to Beijing: from the hi-tech metropolis of Hong Kong to old Lhasa; from the pollution of Chengdu to the pristine beauty of Yangshuo; from the tomb of the First Emperor to the new model city of Zhuhai. It was a journey through space and time, from China’s past to its present and even to its future. It was also a journey through my own mind and I struggled to come to terms with the Land of the Dragon.

Humorous, informative and personal, it is more of a travelogue than a travel guide, more a description of my trip than a recipe for your own. However, the pampered westerners may learn what to expect from a public squat toilet, how to ‘queue’ effectively and how difficult touts can be to ward off.

You may also learn how you will fall in love with China and never want to leave.

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Riding the Dragon

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