Short Stories

Boots New Cover

From a rat’s eye view of the London blitz, to a cadaver with a complaint about the size of her coffin, this collection of short stories brings us into a comically surreal world.

The Interactive Classroom The classroom of the future (Winner of a Mariner Award)

Barack Backs Beans Financial farce

The Office Trinity David Vincent fights office demons

The Future Perfect Continuous Bond meets Dick, Philip K

The Mission Deep space angst and reality TV

Shep’s Last Day What happens when a sheep dog wants to become a sheep?

Proppland A post-modern gothic fairy tale

The Beach Dream Surreal horror… at the beach!

Necronet Explorer In a future dystopia, trafficking in the past is forbidden

6 Hits from the Safe Zone Blog like you’re life depended on it

The Inaction Man and the Sandwich of Doom The superhero within every vagrant.

The Post Modern Prometheus A latter-day Frankenstein, with a virtual twist

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