Letters from the Ministry

Letters from the Ministry


Something is rotten in the Ministry of Mammals. S. Fox, a recent recruit, finds that his new life in the office block is every bit as dangerous as in his native forest.

In a set of letters written to his cousin, Arctic Fox, we follow his trials, as he tries to navigate a way through the forests of bureaucracy. Before his eyes, factions tear the office world apart. S. Fox must keep his head off the paper guillotine, when waves of oppression, revolution and counter-revolution engulf the ministry. His world is complicated further by messengers from another. The un-dead headless chicken, a transdimensional cat and a phantom Afghan hound, stalk the sleepless fox. All call on him to avenge them, and to grab power for himself.

This satire of everything from political history to corporate management is witty and entertaining, making Letters from the Ministry the Animal Farm for the 21st century.


Where can I purchase these letters?

Amazon (print and Kindle) and Smashwords

Alas and alack, the fox’s former publisher, Rebel ePublishers, is no more.

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