Kev the Vampire

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Kev the Vampire

‘The blood is the life! The blood is the life!’ That is all the mysterious Patient K would say.

Follow his psychiatrist’s ‘Notes on a Case of Obsessional Neurosis’ and piece together the story of K’s life: his gruesome school days at the Holy Bleeding Pelican; his drug-induced visions; his wars with Social Welfare zombies, estate agents, and his office supervisor.

Follow his romantic misadventures as a dishwasher in Bavaria and learn how comically difficult life can be for the would-be vampire in the 21’st century.

The full-blown novel is available from Rebel e-Publishers

Bewildering Stories house the novella of Kev the Vampire

Zazzle Merchandise. Drink deep with a Kev the Vampire mug. Browse over a sanguine mouse pad. Cover your torso with a bloodsucking t-shirt.


A promo video skulks in Youtubeland