darksiteheader3What is the Dark Site?

The Dark Site is … a cyber manifestation of the nothingness that is ego.

Who is the creator of this dark matter?

The Ministry Fox, AKA David Vincent, AKA Kev the Vampire, AKA Inaction Man, AKA Et Al Infinitum

Degrade his bio

After completing a psychology degree, the author realised he was profoundly misanthropic. So, he set about travelling the world, to try to find understanding aliens, who might take him to another planet.

Unable to speak any foreign languages, and almost incapable of holding a conversation in his own, he decided to teach English as a foreign language. This was the only job that would allow him to travel widely without any marketable talents, noticeable intelligence, or interpersonal skills. He has unsuccessfully searched for life from outer space in classrooms and staffrooms in 13 countries. He currently lives in an undisclosed location with his patient and long-suffering wife.

Undeterred by his complete failure to make first contact, he plans to continue his search for extra-terrestrials in other parts of the world. He would be most obliged if any aliens reading this would spirit him off to an altogether more exotic planet, in an altogether more harmonious dimension. Failing that, he will continue to write about people, in novels and travelogues.

What has he written?

He has written three novels (‘The Screen’, ‘Letters from the Ministry’ and ‘Kev the Vampire’), a novella (‘The Inaction Man’), a book of short stories (‘Boots’) and four travel books on India, China, Lebanon and Vietnam.

How may we know his words?

Links to these books can be found on this website and purchased for a nominal sum, and sometimes less than that. You will also find links to about 25 pieces of writing that have appeared online, mainly travel writing and short stories; and one of them, The Interactive Classroom, won a Bewildering Stories Mariner Award in 2010.

Have there been any visual sightings?

Videos of the fox’s peregrinations may also be found on this site.

What does the future hold?

Decline, death and decay.

If mortality permits and if desire returns I could complete the long-shelved The Conscript, the Girl and the Virus.

How may we communicate with the Dark Site?

Via comments or through Email

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